Children at ages 0-6 are at the most critical learning stage. They readily absorb whatever they experience and learn during this exciting yet delicate period. These experiences and skills will shape their future personalities & capabilities for the rest of their lives.

cebu montessori preschool toddler kindergarten

Give your child the best chance of becoming the best they can be. Find out how the Montessori system of teaching can help unleash your little one’s potential by visiting the Children’s Paradise Montessori School (CPMS) campus, H. Abellana St., Canduman, Mandaue City, Cebu (click link to see map/directions) or you may schedule an appointment & tour of the school by contacting our office and mobile numbers: 032-416-0533 & 0920-952 -2509 * 0922-882-4955

cebu montessori preschool kindergarten toddler

 We hope to meet you in person so we can show you around the place and explain to you the various activities we have in store for your child to help you understand why the Montessori system has produced some of the world’s top innovators and leaders today.

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Well-known Montessori-educated Personalities